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About Us

Everything just seemed to change over the past couple of months. When we go back to doing business many things will have changed with regards to how we present ourselves as employees. We have all seen the signs in restaurants that employees must wash their hands before they return to work.

That probably isnt going to be good enough, especially in the beginning to get customers back in the door. Businesses are going to have to go the extra mile. One of the most common themes that you will see are face masks. There will be many different types. The most economical and very effective are the washable masks. These are great for businesses like hair salons, spa, massage, retails stores, coffee shops and any company that has employees come into contact with customers. However, it doesn't have to look horrible. There are many different safety masks that help protect against the flu and virus that look great with patterns and also those that are custom made with your salon, spa, store, business name on the front. AND they will be the best gift that you can ever give a customer if you are looking for great gifts to give this year. Make these masks fashionable - we do that. does more than just offer standard or plain black or blue. We offer many different patterns, colors and we custom print on these safety mouth and nose covers. Check out some of the different styles that we have such as the American Flag, British Flag and other countries to show support for them. We also have checkered, plaid, chevron and other hot selling patterns as well. Check these out and see how your business can look professional and be safe at the same time. 

All of our masks, sanitizers, shirts and other apparel items ship from the USA. They are all printed in the USA as well.