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Set of 10 Black Double Layer Washable Face Mask For Businesses or Individuals

Set of 10 Black Double Layer Washable Face Mask For Businesses or Individuals

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Set of 10 Black Double Layer Face Mask. Great For Businesses - Employees or Even Customers. Made In The USA Washable Black Layered Mask for Mouth and Nose Protection.  These are great for all your employees to wear that can have your slogan, saying, logo or anything similar. 

  • Set of 10 that are plain and black
  • Ships From the USA - Top Seller and Ships Fast - 4 Day Lead Time For Logos
  • Limited Supply So Order Now
  • Simple and Inexpensive - Effective for Men and Women
  • If Order More Than 10 - Also available in Sets of 20 and 30
  • Ships Fast 

If you prefer to add a logo, slogan, saying, phrase or even a simple picture please contact us and let us know. 


Perfect for many types of businesses and employees that want to offer protection against and for customers. 

Hair Salons and Nail Spas
Massage Customers and Masseuse Masks
Spas of All Types
Retail Stores Especially Walk Ins for Both Employees and Customers
Police and Fire Department Employees and For Those They Interact With
Teachers, Students, Tutors, And Similar
Car Dealerships - Salesman, Buyers
Restaurants Including Servers, Hostess and More
Airline Servers and Pilots
Gyms  - Workers and Trainers and Customers, Especially Those That Give Private Lessons
Coffee Shop, Bagel, Breakfast Food Workers, Cooks, Servers an Managers
Book Stores - Cashiers
Grocery Employees and Customers
Delivery Drivers of All Types from Pizza to Just About Everything Else
Senior Care Employees
and hundreds of other occupations That need to protect themselves as well as the customers from harmful sprays and germs. 


These masks are directed at business owners and employees but we do not prevent other customers from buying. Most of the masks are sold in bulk. With the recent outbreak of the flu and possible future outbreaks it is very important to be prepared. Contact us with any questions that you might have about these products. 

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