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Face Masks Create A Safer Experience For Your Customers and Empolyees

Posted by mark macy on

As we work through this crazy time in world history we have to start looking forward. Just before this pandemic hit the American economy was enjoying one of its best times in history. Businesses were thriving and unemployment was at an all time low. But within just 3 short weeks things have put businesses in serious peril. But this will pass and small and medium size business owners are going to have to figure out what they can do to get customers back in the door.

What can your business do to get the customers back in to retail shops like coffee shops, hair salons, spas, retail shopping stores like boutiques and even restaurants and similar.

One of peoples biggest concerns will be that they are scared of a rebound from the virus that has spread all over the world. Here is one of the biggest ways that you, as a business can ease their fears.

Face masks worn by employees helps customers to feel over 90% more secure. And to be honest it is not all about the effectiveness of the face mask. But customers see that you are willing to go the extra mile to wear the mask then odds are you are taking care of the store and the employees with safety measures. This is the security that customers are looking for. A second step would be to offer customers a mask - many businesses are adding a small charge if they provide the mask or would like to buy one or several.

For Employees we recommend using the 4 layer cloth mask with the PM 2.5 Filter. These are washable an reusable so the cost is mainly a one time cost and a filter that you replace weekly which is usually about a dollar or so. Buying 3 or so up front for the employee allows them to take them home and wash them and have others ready for the next day so that they do not have to be washed daily. 

The mask that we are recommending for the employee that can be washed is this
one. These are non medical and perfect for businesses that want to protect employees and customers. These are available i pink, navy, black, purple, red and grey. They go perfect with scrubs and other uniforms that employees might wear. You can buy these in single packs for you can bulk purchase to save a little. 


wholesale face mask for employees


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